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Author's Note: This story contains explicit sex.  If you don't like, don't read.  And if you do, enjoy!

Waking Day

The walls of the tower were hard and had the pleasantly fragrant scent of wet mushrooms after a spring rain. Alyssa reached out to touch them, running her fingertips along the walls slowly as she breathed in their musty aroma. Large drops of rain fell outside, splashing against the organic exterior. She remembered that it had been pouring earlier, but now the droplets were beginning to trail off into a light but steady shower.

Inside the air was cool, causing Alyssa to shiver in her elegant gossamer gown. There was a stairway, tables set neatly with elegant Imperial finery… but no one was here in this tower but her. Slowly, she walked over to the table and picked up a spoon, turning it about in her hands to admire the odd reflections it mirrored back. Vivid, dreamlike images… of someplace she could almost remember.

Her fingertips found the railing and trailed along its smooth branches as she ascended up the spiraling organic staircase. Her thin white gown fluttered behind her as though there were a nighttime breeze within the chambers itself. There was something familiar about it… yet not. She could feel the breeze running through her hair as she entered the looming chambers as though drawn by a spell.

"You are up late," a voice noted, the tones smooth and sultry. It was less a question than a statement, yet Alyssa felt complied to reply.

"Yes… I couldn't sleep," she confessed. Sleep? Where? Everything was foggy, as though she had been drugged. But she somehow knew that she was supposed to be asleep… somewhere else, she thought. Not here. But it didn't matter.

"Come, have a drink with me then," the voice offered. Her vision cleared and she saw before her a young Dunmer with black hair falling in waves about his shoulders. He rose an elegant golden goblet to his lips and beckoned her forward with jeweled fingertips. Silently, she obeyed.

"I shouldn't drink this late… I find it gives me strange dreams," she confessed, sitting beside him. He laughed softly.

"I wasn't thinking of spirits," he replied, "Something more soothing perhaps. You look like you are dreaming already." Alyssa blinked, looking contemplative. Dreaming? But this was… so real. She could see it, hear it, taste it, smell it… She ran her hands lightly across her skin. Yes, she could even feel it. She shivered in the cool night air.

"I have never had a dream like this," she confessed.

"Dreams have meaning," he replied simply, offering her a plate filled with tiny elegant cakes and beautifully exotic fruit, likely imported. She smiled politely, thanking him as she took a small dark cake delicately between her fingertips and brought it gingerly to her lips. Oh… chocolate… She had not tasted such things since… She closed her eyes, savoring the sweet flavor. The soft spongy texture and rich flavors melted on her tongue and sent a shiver of pleasure down her spine as they washed through her body. She sighed softly.

"Would you care for some black rose tea?" he asked. Alyssa nearly gasped. It was her favorite, but nearly unheard of in Morrowind. She used to drink it back in Daggerfall… long ago…

"I would love some, thank you sera," she replied eagerly, her inhibitions melting away like icicles in the new spring sun.

"You are quite welcome. Help yourself to whatever suits your fancy," he replied, pouring a hot cup of tea and handing it to his young guest. Alyssa smiled, taking it from his hands and bringing carefully it to her lips. Still hot. She blew on it gently, taking the small spoon he gave her to stir it a bit to let the heat dissipate. He brought his hand to his mouth as he watched her drink.

"Do you recognize me?" he finally asked. Alyssa startled. Of course. She knew who her host was and where she was but… she couldn't quite grasp it at the moment… Suddenly it came back to her in a wave of remembrance.

"Master Aryon," she replied, bowing slightly, "Of course I know you, sera. I apologize for my manners. I appear to be… not myself… tonight." He smiled, seemingly pleased. Or rather amused, perhaps.

"Still, I should hope that the new Mouth of Baladas Demnevanni should at least be able to recognize the other members of the Telvanni council," he replied with a smirk. Mouth of…? Ah yes. Baladas. She remembered him. Of course she did. Red hair shocked with white and eyes which looked at her with far less amusement than this young councilor sitting before her. Baladas was her patron, and Aryon his ally. Why was everything so hazy?

"Of course, sera," she replied, eyeing the little cakes on the silver platter before her. He gestured her to take another. Readily she obeyed, settling on a bright yellow cake which she hoped was lemon – bringing to her lips she found that she was not disappointed.

"Good, aren't they? I found I have developed a taste for foreign delicacies over the years," Aryon smiled, "Although for you I suppose they are only a taste of home – of youth and innocent pleasure. Do you still consider High Rock to be your home, or has Vvardenfell become a haven to you as well?"

"I… I find I am often trapped between worlds," she confessed. He nodded, cocking his head as he ran one of his fingers around the rim of his glass, gazing into the dark liquid. Brandy, she guessed. She remembered he had a fondness for Cyrodiilic brandy.

"Understandable. There will always be cultural nuances, both great and small, in a foreign land, which I imagine would present themselves as insurmountable at times. Yet you have done remarkably well for yourself here. You should be pleased," he smiled.

"Oh I am," she agreed, biting her lip as she considered his words. She had a good position, yes, but… how much was that an indication of a good life?

"There is no need to lie to me," he told her, leaning back casually as he swirled his brandy around in his glass and sipped it slowly. She startled, gazing up at him questioningly. Could he really sense her discomfort so easily?

"I recall that you celebrate a great many holidays in High Rock. Your people appear to have many causes to celebrate… We must seem a stern and serious bunch to you," he winked.

"No, I…" she started, but he raised his fingers to his lips to silence her. Quickly he shot her a warm smile to show that he meant no harm by it.

"It's alright. I often think the same thing about my people myself. We could likely use with more festivities and merrymaking," he winked. Alyssa watched him, raising her teacup to her lips. She breathed a sigh of joy when she inhaled its fragrant floral aroma… so long missed… It took her back. Many, many years ago.

"I was too young to attend all of the celebrations when I was a girl in Daggerfall," she confessed, "Although I attended many, and you are of course correct. We had so many holidays that some of them were even dedicated to us children. Most were attended by entire families. My own parents ran the Imperial Mages Guild in Daggerfall, and so many of the holidays were quite a sensation for us."

"Tell me about them," he requested encouragingly.

"Magic and mystery are integral parts of many of our festivities, especially days like Tales and Tallows where necromancy is celebrated. We don't shun the practice as you do here – necromancers are a vital and respected part of our society and many of our festivals celebrate the dead," she smiled, "Oh! And there is the Witches Festival, where many magical practices are celebrated from thaumaturgy to demonology… but we have to stay in that night, because of the creatures which are traditionally summoned," she paused, looking contemplative, "Hmm, but that likely sounds bad… no wonder so many foreigners believe all Breton mages to be witches and warlocks…." She trailed off and resumed sipping her tea. Aryon laughed softly.

"Of course not. There are misconceptions about every culture. Most are invented and perpetuated by the ignorant who fear anything different from what they know. People fear change. It is as natural to fear the unknown as it is the nature of the world to change and evolve," her host appeared fascinated, and gestured her to continue. She smiled politely, setting down her tea.

"Not all of our holidays are so dark though. My favorite was Flower Day, which is First Seed 25th. All of us children used to get together to pick the new flowers of spring. We would fill our guildhall with them, and the servant girls and I would make wreaths and garlands to hang around the castle. All of the adults would come out to welcome the season with songs and dance, and we were allowed to join in and dance in the wildflower fields dining on iced orchid tea, rosemary cakes, and red berry sorbet until we nearly collapsed from fun. I remember my parents would let me sleep out in the fields those nights with the other girls, watching the stars and dreaming of our one true loves… I didn't know who he was at the time, but I was always sure he would come to me from the stars. I used to look up at them and wonder if he was looking back... whoever he was." Her eyes held a faraway look and she sighed dreamily. Aryon reached forward and took one of the fruits. As he did so his fingers brushed her hand softly, but he made no apologies for this, instead gazing directly into her eyes as he studied her with an easy smile. His touch brought her back to the present and she returned the smile politely.

"Oh, but these are just the dreams of a foolish young girl. Nothing turned out that way. I left my homeland and now I am here – and the stars are different. I can still make out some of the constellations I so loved but… sometimes you don't get the fairy tale – you take what life gives you and you are grateful for it," she sighed.

"There are other dreams, other fairy tales…" he smiled, "They aren't always the ones written in your books as a child, but they can bring you joy just the same if you are willing to look for it. My people may not have the same festivals and romantic holidays as yours do, but many of us find joy and pleasure wherever we go. It is an art to live in the moment – not to think of what could be or might have been – but to enjoy where you are now. It is the secret to life, really, and it isn't easy for all of us – not even for me," he winked, "Things could always be better, and we might even work to make them so. But one needs to learn to enjoy the process as much as the outcome. People as well as events can always be improved – ourselves included. But it is the imperfections which make us unique – why strive to achieve a state of clonal personalities? I find I enjoy variety – it lends itself to greater creativity. The activities we enjoy, the people we are with, the dreams that we dream… these are all memories in the making to be not only studied but cherished."

Alyssa's lips parted as she studied his words. They were good, and rang true, but how could she ever truly learn to accept them in her heart, the same heart which longed now to lay out in the wildflower fields under the midnight stars just one more night with her lover by her side. With him she would laugh and sing and make plans for the future… but it would never be so. She could no sooner go back than she could recover her lost innocence. She bit her lip, studying the beautiful elf before her. It was true – she was no longer the same person she was back then. She had seen too much. Done too much. The old fairy tale was broken and in its place… great mushroom towers. She breathed in deeply. Still, she loved the smell of these towers, their soft dry texture, the muffled way the rain sounded when it hit the organic pods… And the people. They were as dark and beautiful as night itself, cloaked in darkness, wrapped in mystery.

"You are right," she finally whispered. His lips turned up in a pleased grin as he returned to his drink. She found herself fascinated by his delicate hands and the easy manner in which he swirled his glass. Oh, and his glowing red eyes. Even amongst Dunmer, he was attractive. He seemed to sense her thoughts and smirked knowingly, leaning back into his chair leisurely.

"But there are many more holidays in High Rock, from what I recall. Today is the 18th of Morningstar. Are there to be festivities this very night?" he asked. His questions caused her eyes to widen. Alyssa opened her mouth to reply, but the words were lost. She smiled apologetically, gathering her thoughts and remembering once, long ago, when those she knew still celebrated in the revelries… Strange memories, unclear to her as a girl…

"Yes…" she finally replied, feeling her face flush. Perhaps not all was as she had believed as a child in High Rock. She had nearly forgotten…

"Indeed? Tell me about them," he gestured encouragingly. The words were at the tip of her tongue and only now did she understand them.

"It is an ancient holiday, and not all of us partake of it. It was celebrated by the people in Yeorth Burrowland in prehistoric times to wake the spirits of nature after a long, cold winter. We called it Waking Day. It is a beautiful holiday, although I was too young to witness the ancient rites before I left. But…" she trailed off, "I remember women dressed in flowing gowns made of thin gossamer fabric. Beautiful women – their faces flushed with nervous excitement. The men partook of the holiday as well, wearing only long thin skirts with their torsos exposed to the moonlight. Everyone's hair was loose and flowing, and only adults who were initiated into the ceremonies participated in the rituals. I remember I was curious one night and so I snuck out to watch." She breathed in deeply, afraid to continue. But Aryon's eyes spoke encouragement, and she felt compelled to tell him everything.

"Out in the dark fields, still laced with icicles, the men played music while the women danced. It was a wild, ecstatic dancing - not the innocent frivolities of Flower Day. This dance was tinged with an almost feverous urgency. It was dramatic, passionate… I was captivated." Alyssa smiled dreamily, recalling a distant, long forgotten memory buried deep in the depths of her subconscious. Her host was studying her patiently, and sent her an encouraging grin. Suddenly a memory surfaced, causing her face to flush as she broke his gaze and looked away.

"What was it that captivated you so?" he asked. She blinked, taking a deep breath to calm herself. The story had already begun to escape of its own accord – she could not call it back into herself now.

"I remember I tried to stay calm and quiet as I watched from the grass, trying to stay out of sight. The women would choose a partner for the evening by dancing for them, stripping off their gowns and moving in a strange undulating fashion – almost like a lamia moves through the rivers. Garlands of flowers would be placed around the necks of their intended. Then they would kneel before the men they had chosen to offer themselves, sweeping back their hair as a collar of wildflowers was tied around their necks. Oh, but their eyes… the pair were locked together as though their souls had merged into one and nothing else existed around them but waves of seductive magical energy. It was sensual and strange, but the men appeared easy enough to entice and once chosen would cease their playing and strip off their own clothing to join the women in their revelries," she sighed, smiling dreamily at her host. She took a sip of her hot tea before continuing.

"I remember it was cold, and so the music and dancing was energetic to keep the blood moving and pumping in the dancer's veins… I didn't understand it at the time, but I heard some words when one of the servants finally found me and they stayed with me. She scolded me and sent me to bed, saying that the orgiastic rituals of the woodland spirits were no place for an innocent little girl. Perhaps later, when I was properly initiated into the mysteries of the flesh would I enjoy such things…" she trailed off, sipping her tea intently as she gazed down, afraid to look up. Perhaps she had said too much… Aryon laughed softly.

"If we had such holidays here, I am sure my people would approve of and enjoy this one," he winked, "Although we hardly have cause to ward off winter along the eastern coast. The rain is pleasant enough and it helps the flora to flourish. But…" he continued, letting his eyes wash over her form, "I am always pleased to immerse myself in cross cultural customs and relations." Alyssa blushed, looking away. Yes, indeed she had said too much. The twin moons illuminating those naked forms dancing together, entwined, moving, thrusting, pulsing… it was hard to believe she had not understood. The initiates had not always danced with the same partner either, although some remained faithful to only one. It was a time few spoke about publicly but which was enjoyed by so many – as though the moonlight freed the dancers as the heat from their bodies melted the icicles around them. It was not the fairy tale she was read at night… no… this was a different sort. Secret. Closed to the uninitiated.

"I… didn't really understand what was happening at the time," she confessed, "My memories are fuzzy. Yet somehow… I remember it now."

"It is a deep cultural memory – innate to the very fiber of your being. You learned the meaning when the time was right, did you not?" he asked her, "Your servant was correct in her assessment – you required knowledge of the flesh to be initiated before you could participate fully. But now your mind and body are free – you know intuitively how to perform the ritual." Once again it was less a question than a statement. Alyssa's face flushed but with only a quick glance up she found herself captivated by his eyes. They seemed to her now to be than the twin moons on a clear starry night above the woodland fields of her home. The glow of red against dark skin awakened something inside her and caused a primitive longing to emerge that she had not before known was present.

"Yes," she finally whispered, meeting his gaze. He smiled, bringing his hand to his hair and letting the strands flow through his fingertips like liquid ebony. She found him hauntingly beautiful, at this moment more beautiful than anyone she had ever laid eyes upon. Could she even remember laying eyes on another? It somehow felt as though she had always been here.

"Come," he bade her, holding out his hand for hers as he stood, beckoning her to follow. Her breath quickened but she held out her hand to him. He led her back the way she had come, past the elegantly set but hitherto unused table to a round wooden door which lead to his balcony. The rain had stopped, but the scent of moist mushrooms lingered in the cool night air. As soon as they stepped outside her heart began to pound in her chest like a drum and her eyes fixed on the twin moons overhead. He caught her in his arms, pulling her closer to whisper in her ear.

"It is the stars themselves which speak to you, is it not?" he mused softly.

"I… I don't know…" she confessed, feeling faint.

"They guide you and mark your festivities wherever you are. Or so it seems from the stories you have told me. But the stars here… they are not so different from your stars in High Rock. We look out onto the same heavens, the same moons orbit overhead, the same celestial streaks in their brilliant hues… Can you honestly tell me that you do not find it beautiful here?" he whispered. Alyssa sighed, gazing out onto the dark horizon. It seemed that she could see the entire island from Aryon's balcony.

"It is beautiful," she confessed.

"Perhaps then, you might find happiness here," he suggested, his voice lowering to almost a whisper. She turned her head to face him. He held her gaze for a moment, then leaned forward and kissed her softly on her forehead. Her breath increased and she felt suddenly faint as her heart pounded in her chest, but he held her tight.

"You are ready to be initiated, then," he replied softly, kissing her cheek, "Your mind knows how the dance is performed and your spirit desires to complete its journey, and now your body longs to follow." Suddenly Alyssa caught the meaning of his words as she gazed up at him imploringly.

"I… um… it's just…" Alyssa started, trailing off. There was something suddenly holding her back, lurking in the back of her soul, yet she couldn't remember what it was… Yet the pounding of her heart was strong, and soon silenced the voices lurking in the back of her mind.

"What is it?" he asked her gently, brushing her long dark hair out of her eyes as he gently turned her around to face him. Almost involuntarily her arms snaked around his waist and she pressed her chest tight against his. She could feel his heart beat through warm flesh in the cool night air, matching the pace of her own. She sighed as her heart beat intensified until she felt her blood pounding in her veins. She wanted him – if only for this night.

"I can't remember," she sighed breathlessly.

"Memories and regrets… Do they make a difference in the moment?" he asked her, "This night is all we have. In the morning the spell will be broken and the magic of the ritual will be over." She laughed nervously, but he stifled her laughter with a kiss. His lips were smooth and soft and his fingers ran up her spine to caress the nape of her neck. She would trust him, yes… she wanted this, no, she needed this. He was offering her the release every fiber of her being called out for in desperation and desire.

Tiny lightning bugs flickered around the balcony like glittering snowflakes falling over fields of newly blooming wildflowers. The soothing chirp of insects was all she could hear over the gentle crashing of the nearby waves along the shore. She could make out the lights of the city of Vos in the distance and across the crystal clear sparking waters the nearby settlement of Tel Mora. Long ago, the lights from the towns had guided her home from the fields at night. From here, the city looked sparkling and sleepy, the perfect hideaway for the women who lived there and their lesbian lovers and companions. Everything was so clear here, so serene. It was every bit as magical as the little towns she once called home – more so, in fact. She smiled, leaning in closer to her host.

"It is beautiful here," she whispered, gazing off over the horizon to the rolling hills of the grazelands.

"I find it to be so," he replied, running his fingers lightly down her shoulders so that she shivered, "And I find you quite beautiful as well." She was suddenly aware of her thin gossamer gown flowing in the breeze around her, white as the stars twinkling in the winter sky, making her form nearly glow in the bright light of the twin moons overhead. She took a deep breath, trying to calm the delirium which was beginning to build inside of her.

"How do we begin?" she asked, standing on her toes to kiss him. He pulled her tighter, running his hands through her hair and down her spine. His lips were soft, but his mouth was like liquid fire. A hint of brandy remained on his breath, and she found it much more intoxicating than if she had consumed the beverage herself.

"You know the way," he smiled, breaking away from her softly and opening the door to his tower once more. He beckoned her inside, taking her hand as he led her through his study down to his private chambers. There was a bed near the stairwell along the wall and various chests and drawers with ornate candelabras decorating the room. Alyssa's heart was beating in her chest more fiercely than the ancient tribal drums whose songs rang in the fiber of her soul, so strongly she could not tell if it were from nervousness or excitement. To this he only smiled, pulling her close in a passionate kiss. The room felt as though it were spinning, lost, somewhere out on the seas of abandonment. She saw only his eyes, felt only his touch.

When he once more broke away, he held her tightly for a moment, and she could feel that his heart was beating more quickly as well in complete unison with her own. He brushed her hair to the side, kissing her cheek tenderly on one side, then the other, before he turned to one of his chests. In a moment, he held a long reed flute in his fingertips, twirling it gracefully with an amused but wicked grin.

"I'm afraid I am unfamiliar with the songs and instruments of your people," he apologized, gesturing to the reed flute in his hands, "But from your descriptions I think I may know a suitable rhythm or two from my own culture. Feel free to correct me if you find I am mistaken." He bowed lightly, seating himself on the bed so that his dark robes draped out around him in a flourish. A few quick flicks of his fingertips put out many of the candles, leaving the room in an eerie, dim glow. Alyssa's eyes widened and she hugged her hands around her body to hide herself.

"You mean for me to dance?" she asked. He smiled.

"Of course. That is how the ritual is performed, is it not?" he grinned. Of course it was. She knew that. But still, now that the moment had arrived…

"I… I don't know how," she finally admitted, feeling a flush rise to her cheeks.

"Ah, but of course you do!" he assured her, "Let the music surround you and move you as you know it will. Think of the stars, the moons, the icicles melting in the fields with the heat of your passion… Quiet your mind - the dance is in your blood and swims in the fires your soul."

"But… I've never done this kind of dance before…" Alyssa protested. Aryon smiled at her.

"And that is why you are about to be initiated," he winked, laying back on the bed in a comfortable position. He brought one of his knees up and turned to the side to watch her. Alyssa bit her lip, feeling suddenly self conscious.

"But we two are the only ones here," she protested suddenly. He laughed softly.

"That we are. And thus I shall have eyes for no other but you," he winked, "And from what you've told me, my music will cease when the time is right and will be filled with a new breed of song and dance." Alyssa opened her mouth to protest, but he raised a finger to silence her. Taking a deep breath, he then brought it down on the instrument, closing his eyes for a moment as be brought the flute to his lips and the song began.

It was unfamiliar at first, the tune which poured forth from the instrument he was playing. Yet the melody was hauntingly beautiful. The notes seemed to speak to her of distant longing and desire – yet whether they were for a person or a place remained a mystery. They mirrored perfectly the emotions she felt. Her heart beat in her throat and she remained paralyzed, her mind searching for answers. His eyes opened, and with one hand he gestured her to begin. She wanted to cry out in protest, but his eyes flashed in her direction and silenced the inner demons which spoke to her, which told her to be ashamed and nervous.

Her movement began as a gentle sway. She looked at him for assurance, certain that her face was red. She brought her hand up to cover it. Heat was pouring forth from her soft skin like steam and when her fingers touched her cheeks the sensation was almost too intense for her to bear. She gasped, tossing back her waves of dark auburn hair and arching her back so that she felt the ends of her long locks grace the round curves of her hips. Her emotions were a jumble but the music continued playing. It was beautiful to her ears. Almost involuntarily her hips rocked forward in a sensual arch as her fingers combed through her dark tresses. Her body was on fire and had taken on a life of its own.

She opened her eyes, gazing upon the one who had ordered her to dance, watching her… How could she submit so easily? Yet was it really he who had ordered her to dance, or was it rather he who had unlocked her secret desires for the rituals she had so waited and longed to partake of all of these years… She was a woman now, a woman in heat with all of the need and passion of the sun and moon and stars. They filled her, changing her as they changed the seasons around her, causing her once cold and shivering blood to run hotter than the heat of the spring sun which would melt the seasons away. He was her guide, her mentor… he was the one who would initiate her into the mysteries of the divinity of the stars through her mortal flesh. He was the musician, and she his instrument. Her body moved of his accord.

Her own soft fingers found the smooth curvatures of her flesh through the thin flowing fabric that she wore. How had she known to wear such a thing? Something inside of her had known. This was the way of the universe. It was the way of life. And now was the time for renewal and passion. Her eyes closed and she could feel her body floating through the heavens. She could see the constellations around her. She reached out to touch one, but they were ethereal. She was in that space between the heavens and the earth, spinning, dancing. The heat was welling inside of her as a bright comet darted across the skies in a crimson and violet arch. Her mind followed it towards the sun, the center of the solar system which brought warmth and comfort. She could feel it broiling, concentrating, swelling inside of her belly and radiating out as it concentrated itself there. Her fingers trailed down towards it of their own accord.

Her eyes opened and she found herself locked in a different kind of rapture. The moons glowing in the night sky were Aryon's eyes, and they were still following her, entranced, enraptured. He seemed to smile for a moment, taking the tempo up a notch. She wanted suddenly, desperately to join him. It was all she could do to keep from crying out as her hands traced her own body as she arched her back and rocked her hips. Her little nipples were hard as rocks atop the soft pliant fullness of her breasts which so ached to be touched and caressed. She needed him, could he not see that?

Alyssa turned, undulating gracefully as she ran her fingers further up to her shoulders as she drew down her straps, letting the gown fall loose to her hips and freeing her breasts from the thin fabric which had done more to display them than conceal them. She turned her head slightly, shooting a coy glance at her host through her long eyelashes. Her hands snaked their way to her breasts to cover them before she turned around gracefully, pinching her neglected nipples lightly before allowing the warm pink flesh to escape the prisons of her fingers. She thrust her chest forward, arching her back as a soft moan escaped her lips. If her need had ever been so great, she could not remember it. Her dress was becoming soaked in her own hot fluids. She was as though one possessed, with one goal, and one means of attaining it. She needed him desperately. Every fiber of her being was begging him to take her, to complete the ritual. Did he not find her beautiful? Would he not grant her mercy? Suddenly all thoughts left her mind but the desire to make herself attractive to him.

Alyssa fell to her knees, her breasts bouncing lightly with the suddenness and urgency of her motion. The gown lost its grip on her hips, and with one quick motion of her hands it fell in a glittering pool about her now vulnerable form. She gasped, looking up at her host for reassurance. He was watching with approval, and his eyes burned through her flesh as all was laid bare to him. She could feel the moisture between her legs tricking down her thighs, tickling her. At first she kept her thighs pressed tightly together, her mind spinning once more to the realm of the stars as her eyelids closed and she found herself lost once more in that place which lies between the spirit and mortal realms. There were more comets now, and she felt herself being swept away in a storm of meteors. The sun was burning brighter, but that wasn't her goal – it was the Mundus. And the music… the music continued… eerie, haunting… beautiful… Part of her soul was running through the wildflower fields at home, and the other found herself standing atop an elegant mushroom tower gazing out towards the starlit ocean below.

When her eyes opened she found that her thighs had parted. Her hands found the curve of her thighs and traced it, running down towards the source of her heat, offering it up for sacrifice. The little pink pearl between her legs was throbbing, begging to be touched. Alyssa fell back, arching her hips and belly to display her charms, praying only that he found her a worthy vessel to be filled. Her hips writhed as she felt the warm moisture cover her fingertips. She gasped, savoring the sensation before she pulled her wet fingers away and returned to her submissive kneeling position. She knelt her head, keeping her chest thrust forward and her thighs parted obediently as she heard the music fade.

The room was filled with a new kind of music. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she felt him approach so loudly she could hear it over her deep quick breath. She could feel his hands on her face, bringing her chin delicately up to look at him. Oh, but she was not worthy! She gasped when she saw his easy smile mixed with the hungry look in his eyes, but she dared not break his gaze. She shifted her weight in a tiny wiggle, hoping against hope that he would take her, that he might be merciful.

"You are even more beautiful than the stories and legends make your people out to be," he smiled, pulling a small embroidered leather strap displaying the symbol of Great House Telvanni from his robes, "I am afraid I lack flowered garlands, but this will look stunning on you nonetheless." She nearly held her breath as he brushed back her hair delicately, feeling his soft fingers on her bare skin. In a moment he had locked it into an ornate collar at her neck. The key he returned to his robes. She gasped, but her mind remained quiet. She was where she needed to be, where she wanted to be. In her mind there was nowhere but here, and no one but him. He hooked a finger under her collar and pulled her up towards him.

"You are mine: for this night, for this moment, until I release you," he smiled, looking deep into her eyes so that she swooned. He caught her, pulling her close in a passionate kiss as his fingers slid down her body. His hands were softer than the softest silk and his feather-light touch sent her into fits of rapture. She buried her face in his robes, shivering even as her blood boiled and her body begged for release. Her hips ground against his robes. She wanted him. And she was his. Her head dropped back as she pressed her breasts into him, offering him everything, if only he would take it.

In a moment, Alyssa found herself carried in his arms in the dim candlelight towards his bed. She clung tightly to him, releasing her grip slightly as he laid her out across his lap. Gentle hands caressed her burning body so that she shivered with delight. Still holding his gaze, she allowed her hands to walk up his body to begin untying his elegant robe. The ties were simple enough and she released them one, two, three… until she could slide the robe from his shoulders to release the soft toned flesh inside.

He looked to her more beautiful than the night sky in springtime and she could feel his arousal where she lay. Her fingers slid around his shoulder and down his back, kneading the flesh as he closed his eyes with a smile and continued his feathery caresses. Her fingers explored the soft skin over his ribs, the muscles of his chest and abdomen, the curves of his arms… She wished she could meld her body to his, to touch him everywhere at once. Her fingers had taken on a mind of their own as they explored his body.

Aryon's lips parted slightly as he brought one hand to caress her face and the other slid past her naval to trace the curve of her hip down her legs. Alyssa gasped, arching her hips towards his hands. He caressed her inner thighs, smiling for a moment as she parted them even wider to give him more room. He traced his fingers closer to the source of her heat with a slow but determined movement that caused her to cry out as she clung tighter to his waist. His fingers were tickling her, teasing her, yet he was avoiding the area which he knew would give her the most pleasure. Turning her torso slightly, she pressed her lips into his flesh, covering him with kisses as she silently begged him to continue. In response he dipped his fingers inside of her, causing her to cry out in ecstasy. He spread the warm moisture over her lower lips while she squirmed under his grasp. Soft circles and smooth strokes grazed the pearl of flesh between her legs, causing her to nearly lose control of her senses as her mind was thrown out, once more, to the outer realms of the galaxy. She would have come immediately had he not drawn his fingers away just then, leaving her on the brink of delirium between fantasy and reality.

Wet fingers caressed her skin, drawing moist circles around her hardened nipples, pinching and squeezing them as her body began to shake and she arched her back to facilitate his motions. He lifted her, laying her out on the bed before him as he untied the remainder of his robe and tossed it aside. Upon seeing his arousal, she parted her thighs wider, beckoning him to enter her with bated breath. Their hearts were beating in unison as though there were only one between them. The world seemed to be spinning around them, not out of control, but as though they two were the center of the universe and everything depended on their unison. Aryon knelt between her legs, licking his fingers seductively before bringing his hands up to her face to caress her and adjust the collar at her neck which symbolized his possession of her until he saw fit to remove it. Alyssa's hands ran down his torso to his thighs, her hands shaking as she grasped his pulsating shaft and drew back the foreskin to position him towards her opening. She stroked him gently, crying out in pleasure as she felt him thrust closer to her, not inside, but teasing, caressing… He gazed deeply into her eyes as she swooned and dropped her hand from where it had been wrapped around his flesh, arching her hips invitingly. The room was spinning faster, faster…

Suddenly they were not in Aryon's bedchambers any longer, but once more out amongst the celestial bodies. He was with her now, and his body glowed as though through an internal energy. The comets were swirling faster now, colliding, sending sparks around them in radiant energy. She was becoming delirious. She needed him. She needed to be one with him. Suddenly she knew that if he did not take her she would be lost forever in the bowels of deep space, another comet lost on a collision course for the Mundus below. She could feel his tip pressing against her, teasing her, tickling her as her body spasmed and she clung to him as though everything in the universe depended on it.

"It is time," he whispered as he slid effortlessly into her waiting body.


Alyssa awoke with a start, sitting up suddenly in bed. Her heart was racing and her breath was heavy. She was hot… too hot under these covers. And they were soaked with moisture from her body. Oh, but… was it all a dream? She touched her arms, testing their substance. Yes, they were real. She was here, in this room, in this bed. Everything else… Oh my. What had she done? Her hands made their way to her hair and she brushed it aside, still panting heavily. It was too much.

It was all starting to come back. Tel Vos. They were in Tel Vos. She and… Vosaras. Her lover who slept beside her. Suddenly she felt a pang of guilt. Dream or not, she was burning with desire. Her belly felt as though it was on fire, and she knew full well that only one type of fluid would quench it.

Vosaras was sleeping peacefully on his side, oblivious to the intense and desperate motions and desires of the woman who had until just now been sleeping beside him. He was likely dreaming his own dreams. She wished…

Hmm, had she thought of Master Aryon in such a manner before? She bit her lip, feeling her face flush. Well, he was attractive, yes… anyone could see that. But Vosaras was attractive as well. His midnight black hair fell about the pillow on which he lay, and with his dark skin he looked almost like a shadow against the silky white sheets their host had provided for them. Why should she dream about Aryon and not Vosaras? She tried to shake off the guilt. One could not help their dreams, she told herself. Still… even in her subconscious mind… she had given in rather easily to the promise of lust, without even a second thought for her lover. In fact, she had not even remembered that she had a lover. She ran her hands over his skin, smiling when he squirmed lightly under her touch. He was beautiful, and her body needed him as well as her soul.

Sliding down into the covers once more, she let her fingers wander to explore her own body. She did not wish to wake Vosaras. Mmm… Yes, she would have to do something about this or her blood would never cool. Her fingers found the source of her desire and intuitively she knew what to do.

Was it really the 19th of Morningstar? Yes, actually, it was. She must have been thinking of her times in High Rock before she went to sleep. And since they were in Tel Vos and had spend most of yesterday discussing plans with Master Aryon… her mind must have combined the two while she slept. Funny… she hadn't thought about Waking Day in years… at least not as far as she remembered. But surely she would not… not while she was with Vosaras at least… Oh, what was she thinking at all? She hoped she would be with Vosaras forever. And since he refused to believe that she knew what forever meant, well, she hoped that she would be with him for a very long time to come indeed. No one else but him, either. Although Master Aryon had a different beauty to him…

She moaned, her thoughts disintegrating as she remembered the details of her dream. It had seemed so vivid, so real… Never had a dream been so intense. She needed release, badly, or she felt she would explode.

Finally, her body erupted into tremors as she arched her back, trying not to moan as she felt the heat of ecstasy wash over her. Yet, she was not satisfied. Her body was burning anew and the sheets were far too hot and moist for her comfort. She tossed them aside, eyeing Vosaras hungrily as he slept.

She could not help herself. She snaked her arm around his waist, caressing the soft skin of his back and torso as she moved closer to bite his ears. He squirmed slightly, rolling over onto his back. Running her hands down his chest, she soon found that he had worn black breeches to bed. A sigh of frustration escaped her lips, but running a quick hand over the front of his pants revealed that he was more than capable of performing the task she had in mind. His back arched reflexively as she touched him, but his eyes remained shut. She threw back the covers away from him, straddling him as she worked to unbutton his breeches and free his erection from the tight cloth.

Kissing his torso, she began to move down his body, hoping against hope that he would not be furious with her when he awoke, as surely he must. A soft moan escaped his lips as she drew back his foreskin and ran her fingers lightly down his shaft, pinching the tip ever so lightly before she brought her lips down over him to run soft circles around the tip. Her tongue flicked gently and she could feel him stirring, his hands moving down to grasp her hair as she took him deeper into her throat, pumping him slowly as his burgundy eyes began to open and he took a deep breath. Her free hand reached down between her own legs, spreading her lips in preparation for mounting him.

Fortunately he did not seem to mind her method of waking him up and thus allowed her to continue. When he was fully awake and his breath heavy and quick, Alyssa drew her head back, gazing into his eyes as she ran her fingers down his shaft. Running a hand to caress her own skin and keeping her breasts thrust forwards for his display, she straddled him, positioning herself over his body and lowering slowly as she began a rocking motion, gentle in intensity at first, but quickly building to a wild fervor as his strong hands gripped her tightly. She needed him, needed this… He adjusted his position slightly to give her a better angle, thrusting directly where he knew she would derive the most pleasure while at the same time stimulating her with his soft fingertips. She cried out, her body shaking violently as her muscles tensed and her mind was taken on another journey. She thought she could see Aryon for a moment, standing in the doorway, watching them both with an amused smirk, but it couldn't be. Her hands cupped her breasts and she drew them up, tracing the line of her neck…

She gasped in shock and horror, nearly collapsing over Vosaras.

Her fingers curled around the ornate leather collar that was locked around her throat.
Personally, I hate this story. I wrote it as a request for ~Lauretha in September of 2009 after months of begging. It's out of character for Alyssa to engage in casual sex and it's out of character for Aryon to seduce his retainers knowing it will cause them ongoing trauma (which surely he knows with Alyssa), and they would NEVER work in a romantic relationship.

Yes, it's all a dream, because I couldn't think of any other way for Alyssa and Aryon to ever hook up. I debated for a while putting this in as a chapter in Fall from High Rock, but I dislike this pairing so much (even as a dream) that I couldn't do it.

Oddly, I am starting to rather like the idea of hooking Alyssa up with Aryon's boyfriend though... she may have to have another dream... or both of them might have to get really drunk. Or it will just remain a fantasy safely floating around in my head, because the characters are far too good of friends for me to ruin it for something silly like that. And no, no threesomes. I can't for the life of me imagine that Alyssa even knows what a threesome IS. And if she knew, she would be horrified. She isn't one of those Mary Sue characters I can just hook up with anything that moves. If I tried it, she would never come out of the corner crying. Which is pretty much all she does anyway...

But since OTHER people seem to like this story and I had requests recently for more "episodes" of my (somewhat unintentional) ongoing saga of "Aryon Does Tamriel" I figured I may as well upload this to add to the collection. It may not stay up though. We'll see. :XD:
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Quillweave Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2011

... BaaaaarrghblooDOWANT.

Hot. As. Hell. XD
MistressArachnia Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2011
Hehehe, I'm glad you liked it! :flirty:
HeavyMouse Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2011
MistressArachnia Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2011
I would be SO MAD at Aryon if he really did this. :stab: Fortunately it was all a dream, so it's really more like 'bad Alyssa is bad'... although I can't really fault her for having erotic dreams about the guy. :devilish:

I can just see the scene in the morning:

Alyssa: *distraught*
Vosaras: *furious*
Aryon: *laughs* Mmm... It sounds like fun, but I'm afraid I was otherwise occupied last night. Pity. Perhaps you were dreaming?
Alyssa: If it was a dream, how come I am still wearing this collar? Take it off! *cries*
Vosaras: Wait... you mean this whole thing is about the choker I bought you yesterday?
Alyssa: *blushes furiously and considers casting an invisibility spell*
Vosaras: I'm sorry Master Aryon, I think we owe you an apology. *glares at Alyssa*
Aryon: *snickers* Don't worry about it. I'm flattered. So Alyssa, you're into collars, are you? I'm beginning to regret the fact that I wasn't there. It sounds like a very interesting dream. You'll have to tell me all about it sometime. *winks* But for now I'm afraid I have to get back to these trade reports...
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MWAHAHAHA *dies from laugh*

Part I - Aryon Does Tamriel
Part II - Aryon Does Nirn
Part III - Aryon Does Oblivion
Part IV - Aryon Does Earth
Part V - The Perverted Girls From DA Does Aryon Till Half-Death

//sorry I haven't done with art yet, I catch a flu and now awaiting the fever leave me D':>
MistressArachnia Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2011
That sounds like an excellent series! :evillaugh:

Sometimes I think Master Aryon missed his calling as a porn star. :spotlight-left: :strip: :spotlight-right:

Don't worry about the picture - just concentrate on getting better! :hug: I have a big Japanese test coming up next week so I'm sorry to say I won't be able to get the next chapter of Fall up before then... but I hoped this little fic would entertain you until I get back to writing. :blush:
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Aryon - porn star? I'm just exited as hell :lol:
hmmm what do you think about porn movie with plot, where Aryon do his magical experiments and other stuff, but then ocasually teleport himself on the Dratha's tower and....M/F/F/F/etc,BDSM,Abuse,Raep,Tort,Language,Violence,Gore,Blood

Aww, good luck with the test!
MistressArachnia Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2011
Hmm, I'm not sure if that would be hot... or terrifying. :XD:

Run, Aryon, RUN! :sprint:

But then he does live right across the water from Tel Mora so... hmm... :plotting:
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aha, he must float away from insatiable bloodthirsty women :3
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I am afraid, this time Tel Mora does Aryon...altogether D:
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