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Author's Note: This story contains explicit sex.  If you don't like, don't read.  And if you do, enjoy!

A Night at Tel Fyr

"I've tried a multiplicity of souls each in a variety of gems," explained Baladas Demnevanni in frustration, brushing a strand of wavy red hair behind his pointed ear. "I've documented them all in this matrix."

"And what have you learned?" Divayth pressed his recent visitor. "You have data, yes, but what can you theorize from it?"

"Well, the enchantment on the boots can certainly be drained to nonfunction, and the application of fresh souls does seem to replenish it somewhat in the conventional understanding. But the behavior is still erratic! I'm beginning to think that the Dwemer may have employed a fundamentally different way of powering their enchantments, and that our practice is only rudimentally compatible."

"Is that all that can be concluded?" Divayth let his words intone that it wasn't, and Baladas was painfully aware of it. Respected though Fyr was as a scholar of the Dwemer, it was a hobby to him, and the young mage would not have come to visit if he could have solved his problem on his own. Still, however humbling, he was glad to finally confer in person with a fellow enthusiast since his own obsessive tendencies made him a bit unsociable.

"I've run through all my standard methods," Baladas exclaimed exasperatedly, "These are certainly boots of flying, but the enchantment's power ebbs and surges unpredictably. How did the Dwemer regulate it?"

"I think the Dwemer would have thrown these boots on the trash heap, because the enchantment is flawed. Did you not think to question the artifact itself as a possible explanation to your troubles?" Divayth pointed out incisively. "It might not even be a symptom of age. As advanced as our missing cousins were, surely they must have botched things up once in awhile. They were only Mer, after all." The look on Baladas' face spoke eloquently of his frustration for rejecting earlier such an obvious answer.  Divayth laughed.

"You have been spending too much time with your books, my dear Baladas," Divayth replied with a grin, "Let your mind rest for a while.  You've done nothing but study since you arrived."

"But I still have so many questions…" Baladas protested.

"As do I.  The universe holds too many mysteries for either of us to truly be satisfied.  But I admire your curiosity.  We will never stop learning, you and I," Divayth said soothingly.  There was time.  There was always time.  Baladas sighed.

"Come now.  I am an old man, and I require rest.  Perhaps you can speak with my student Aryon for a while.  He is young and nearly as eager to learn as you are – although his interests are not so single minded.  He understands and appreciates the need for balance.  Without it, you cannot hope to live as long as I, and thus many of your questions will remain unanswered," Divayth warned.

"I apologize for my persistence," Baladas replied, feeling a little embarrassed as he lowered his eyes.  Divayth laughed.

"Nonsense!  It's refreshing, actually.  We rarely get visitors here and I hope I have made myself clear that you are always welcome.  Now perhaps you could do us both a favor and entertain my daughter Beyte for the evening?  She's quite eager to meet new men and I'm sure you will find her quite pleasing," Divayth said with a smirk.  Baladas blinked.

"Your daughter?" he asked, clearly confused.

"Well, in a sense.  I created them myself, from my own flesh.  A little side benefit of the research I'm currently pursuing into corprus disease.  See?  Even I don't single-mindedly pursue only one topic at a time.  It is healthy to have hobbies.  I named the girls Alphe and Beyte: quite different looks and personalities from such small genetic manipulations," he grinned.

"Must you tell everyone who comes to visit this tower about our unnatural origins?" a voice chimed in from behind.  Divayth sighed.

"That would be Alphe," he whispered, nodding to a girl behind him.  Baladas looked up, into the face of a pretty young dark haired Dunmer girl.  She glared at him coldly.

"Divayth is clearly tired and has asked you to leave.  He's just being too polite to say it outright," Alphe continued.  Divayth shook his head.

"No, no my dear.  Baladas is a dear friend.  I hope I shall continue speaking with him in the morning.  But for now, we should both rest our minds," Divayth clarified, glancing at Baladas apologetically.

"Fine.  We should go to bed then.  I'll meet you there," Alphe said, turning on her heel as she strode out of the room.  Baladas stared after her.  He supposed he had seen women around the tower, but he hadn't paid them much mind.  He hadn't guessed that the family dynamic was quite this… complex.

"Alphe is the sharpest of my girls, in wit and in tongue.  But conflict is the spice of life, or so they say.  You'll like Beyte better.  She's much sweeter, and quite eager to please – and be pleased.  An excellent cook too," Divayth added.  Baladas blinked, trying to hide his confusion.  His host's… relations… were not what he came to study.

"And you wish to continue our conversation in the morning?" he asked hopefully.

"Yes, yes, of course, my impatient one!  Now go down and keep Aryon company.  He hasn't had anyone to talk to except for myself and the girls for quite some time," Divayth grinned, "It'll be good for all of you."  Baladas smiled, standing to collect his books.

"Alright.  Thank you, Master Fyr," he said politely, his mind still burning with unanswered questions.  But he knew better than to protest.  Divayth stood and escorted him out of his study.

Levitating down, he found Aryon and Beyte both in the Onyx hall.  He was mildly surprised to note that Beyte looked hardly at all like her sister, with white hair pulled back in a loose twist with an emerald barrette.  Aryon was reading, but looked up with an excited grin when he saw Baladas standing in the doorway.

"Baladas!  I hope you don't mind, but I have some questions about this book you loaned me," Aryon gushed enthusiastically.  Baladas smiled, crossing his arms.  At least someone wanted to talk to him.

"Go ahead," he replied.

"Alright… now I understand that nothing in Kerakah was more valued than the understanding of the self and its relationship to the Heart of Lorkhan," Aryon said, "but wasn't Lorkan responsible for severing our connection with the Divine?  Why would the Dwemer wish to align themselves with such an unholy relic?  I have read elsewhere that they believed they could transcend mortality through the one who created it… but how to accomplish such a feat?  Transcending mortality through the very entity which created that same mortality…  It seems paradoxical."  Baladas laughed.  Fyr's young apprentice looked truly confused, as though the thought had been bothering him for quite some time.

"Perhaps it is.  The Altmer hold the view that Lorkhan was an evil god, but not all races share that belief.  He is certainly a trickster, and is responsible for the creation of the Mundus.  He convinced many of the aedra to sacrifice themselves in its creation and their bodies became the et'ada, or earth bones.  But without him we would surely not exist.  The Dwemer were a highly advanced civilization, and I believe they discovered a way, through magical or mechanical means, to harness the power that remained in the Heart so as to transcend the gods that created them.  But it is only a theory.  If it is so, then perhaps the gods destroyed them for it.  This is the most promising theory thus far proposed for their disappearance, although in my travels I have never discovered a single Dwemer corpse.  Perhaps they simply vanished.  To another plane, another time, where?  Or perhaps they did indeed transcend.  I cannot say," Baladas explained, sorry that he could not provide a better answer.

"Is it true that Lorkan's divinity is also contained in the twin moons, Masser and Secunda?" Beyte asked, watching them intently.  She was preparing the evening meal, slicing and laying out bread as she stewed luminous russula and violet coprinus together with crab meat over a bed of marshmerrow.  It smelled delicious.  Baladas smiled.  This daughter of Fyr did indeed appear to be of a more pleasant disposition than the first.  It was no wonder he chose attempted the cloning process again.  And who could blame him for preferring two wives, if one had the option?  He wondered vaguely if Fyr might attempt to create any more.

"This is so.  They represent the cloven duality of Lorkhan's ideals.  In Hammerfell, the races of men believe them to be a reminder of their duty after Lorkhan's divinity split and his essence fell to Nirn," Baladas replied.

"Is it true that the moons are dissolving?" Beyte asked curiously.  Baladas shot Aryon a confused look.  Aryon shrugged, smiling pleasantly.

"Dissolving?" Baladas asked, cocking his head quizzically.

"Well… um… I just noticed last time I was out that you could see the stars and such through the black holes on the surface, so I doubt the darkness merely represents surface markings," she replied, sounding unsure of herself.  Aryon stood, running to throw open the round golden door to gaze out into the clear night sky above Tel Fyr.  The breeze was warm over the cool water and blew in through the doorway, causing the fire in the dining hall to flicker.  Aryon laughed, signaling the others to come and look.  Baladas followed quickly, with Beyte tagging behind, still clutching a mixing spoon.

"She's right!" Baladas exclaimed, noting the stars peering out from behind the holes in the two large moons.

"I never noticed it either," Aryon confessed with a shrug.  Beyte shrugged, leaning in closer to Aryon for warmth.

"Perhaps they have always been like this?" she suggested.

"I couldn't say," Baladas confessed, "Perhaps we should ask Master Fyr in the morning."

"What could this mean?" Aryon asked, pulling Beyte closer as he gazed up at the twin moons in wonder.

"I could only guess," Baladas replied, "And my guess would be as good as yours.  Perhaps the Heart's power is waning, as is that of Lorkhan's flesh divinity.  Or perhaps there is another explanation entirely, perchance even more compelling."

"Fascinating," Aryon replied.  The three gazed up for a moment more in silence, letting the warm breeze caress them.

"I suppose I should finish cooking our dinner.  I wouldn't want it to burn.  If it did, you might not want dessert," Beyte said finally, breaking the silence as she pulled away from Aryon and returned to the golden door which led to Fyr's ornate fungal tower.  Aryon and Baladas gazed up for a moment longer, enjoying the cool sea air.

"Is it really possible that the Padomaic spirit's waning divinity could be manifesting itself on the surface of the twin moons?" Aryon asked.  Baladas shrugged.

"I don't see why not.  So much of our mythology is written in the geography of Nirn itself… it would be logical to assume that the same is true of Masser and Secunda, particularly in light of the fact that it was Lorkhan who created them all from his own flesh," Baladas replied, pulling his hair back with his hands as it blew into his red eyes.  Aryon laughed.

"Come on, let's head back inside.  Beyte is an excellent cook," Aryon said with a grin.  Baladas smirked.

"So I heard," he murmured.  She wasn't bad looking either: Fyr had done pretty well for himself.  The two elves returned to the dining room, seating themselves at either side of the table.

"She likes you, too," Aryon said with a smirk.  Beyte turned around and shot him an evil glare, which caused him to laugh.  Baladas stared at them both in confusion.

"No, seriously, you should hear some of the fantasies she's told me about you," Aryon continued, grinning at Baladas knowingly.  Beyte returned to the table, ignoring Aryon's comment and placing a plate in front of each of them with a smile.

"I hope you enjoy your dinner.  I've got a comberry pie baking for later," she said, "Can I get you something to drink?  Greef?  Shein?"  Baladas looked perplexed, picking up a fork cautiously.

"Hmm… shein, please," requested Aryon.

"Greef," replied Baladas.  Beyte laughed.

"Of course, you two couldn't make it easy on me.  Very well, I'll open two bottles," she said happily, hurrying off into the next room.  Baladas watched her go, then leaned in close to Aryon.

"Alright… so are they Fyr's daughters or wives… or what?" Baladas asked quietly.  Aryon laughed.

"Oh, both!  He does like to show them off, though.  Beyte isn't very old, but she's nearly insatiable – you'll be doing him a favor, really.  We rarely get visitors, and he likes the girls to have new experiences," Aryon explained.  Baladas rested his chin against his hand, looking contemplative.

"I see…" he replied, shifting his eyes as Beyte returned to the room with three goblets and two bottles of alcohol.  She quickly poured them each a glass and settled herself between the two to eat.

"Do you like it?" she asked, seeing both of the elves staring at her as she took a bite of her food.  She giggled, shooting Baladas a coy smile.

"It's delicious," Baladas replied, smiling back.  Aryon laughed.

"What?  No hackle-lo soup to go with our crab and mushroom stew?" Aryon asked jokingly, crossing his arms in mock annoyance.  Beyte stuck her tongue out at him.

"If you want more, you'll just have to make it yourself," she replied.  Aryon laughed, scooping some of the stew onto his bread.

"You know I can't cook.  Besides, it's wonderful, really," he said.  Baladas looked at him in perplexion.

"Doesn't Fyr make you practice alchemy?  Cooking is much the same principle.  It isn't so difficult to learn – easier even, perhaps," Baladas explained.  Beyte laughed.

"Oh, Aryon can cook just fine – he just doesn't like to.  Before I was old enough, he was doing most of the cooking around here himself," Beyte laughed.

"Ah, but it tastes so much better when you make it," Aryon replied, leaning forward and kissing her quickly.  She giggled, looking back at Baladas.  Baladas smiled, taking another bite of stew.  It was rather good, he had to admit.

"I hope you'll like dessert even more," she told him.

"I'm sure I will.  This is quite well prepared," he assured her.  Aryon laughed.

"I don't think she was talking about the pie," he smirked.  Beyte glared at him again.

"Come now, I'm doing you a favor," he insisted, "Or are you going to tell me now that you're not simply dying to get our attractive red haired guest out of his clothes and into your bed?  And what was that bit about the Dwemer pipes and mirrors again?  Didn't you tell me you wanted to leave him so exhausted that all of the, ah, "steam" would dissipate from his body?"  Beyte's eyes widened and she blushed, glancing nervously at Baladas, who looked positively amused.  He crossed his arms, gazing at her intently.  Beyte took another bite of her dinner, twirling her fork nervously.

"Well?" asked Baladas, trying to keep himself from laughing.  She looked up, glaring at Aryon and shooting Baladas a smug smile.

"Well, what?  Eat your dinner," she replied with a grin, "Or, um… you might not be able to keep your strength up later."  At this both of the boys burst into laughter.  Baladas leaned forward, taking Beyte's chin in his hand and turning her face towards his.

"Well then, you had best work on getting your own strength up as well," he whispered, leaning closer and kissing her.  She melted at his touch, moaning softly and bringing her hands up to caress his face, running her fingers through his soft ringlets.  Her hot tongue pressed delicately between his lips, opening them as he savored the sweet musky taste of her mouth.  Finally he pulled away, giving her a sly smile as he slowly and deliberately returned to his meal.  She stared at him for a moment, awestruck.

"I suddenly find myself not hungry," she replied dreamily.  Baladas and Aryon both laughed.

"You can't just skip your dinner and go straight to dessert," Aryon scolded.  She laughed, picking up her fork and taking a big bite.  Baladas shot Aryon an amused smirk.  Working under Fyr seemed hardly an unpleasant arrangement.

Beyte took a big gulp of shein, rushing through her meal quickly.  Baladas chuckled softly, taking another bite as he watched her.  She was wearing a white blouse, her dark curves evident beneath it, and tight black pants which hugged her hips snuggly.  It was a stark contrast to the flowing garb most of the mages wore on Vvardenfell, but it suited her somehow.

"Pace yourself!  You're going to choke, and I'm going to laugh at you when you do," Aryon scolded.

"I can fit larger things than crab stew down my throat and you know it!" Beyte shot back.  Aryon laughed, clearly entertained.  Baladas raised an eyebrow.

"Is that so?" he inquired with a smirk.  Beyte grinned.

"Well, you'll just have to find out, now won't you?" she replied coyly.  Baladas shook his head in amusement.  He took another bite of his stew, scooping the mixture onto his bread.  He was nearly finished.  The greef was delicious as well.  Comberry whiskey always made everything taste better, but this brand was especially good.  He wondered where Fyr had imported it from.  Of course, the entire meal was delicious.  He took another bite.

"If you don't finish that soon, she's going to pounce on you like a Khajiit slave girl," Aryon told him, pushing his empty plate away.  Baladas laughed softly as he spied Beyte's gaze upon him.

"Thank you Beyte, it was delicious," he said politely, watching her as she examined him intently.  Beyte shot him an approving smile.

"You're quite welcome, of course," she said, standing to clear the plates.

"Now for dessert.  Pie or sex?" Aryon asked, crossing his arms as he made a pretense at contemplating the question intently.  Beyte laughed.

"Well, the pie has to cool," she replied apologetically, taking it off of the fire carefully and setting it aside.

"Logical, of course," Baladas replied with a grin.  He could feel his blood boiling already.

"Naturally," Aryon agreed, standing and stretching.  Baladas followed suit, standing as Beyte returned.  She brought her hand through her white hair, brushing away the strands that fell in her eyes.

"Do you want to go to the storeroom down the hall?  It's a little more private, and I've placed some pillows around the floor for lounging and reading and… other such activities," she asked hopefully.  Baladas smiled.

"Of course," he replied.

"Do you want me to leave you to it then?" Aryon asked with a knowing smile.  Beyte laughed.

"Of course not!  I want you too," she replied.  Aryon laughed.

"You already had me twice today," he said with a grin, "You should be bored of it by now."  She stuck her tongue out at him.

"Is that alright with you?" Beyte asked, turning to Baladas.

"Well, if you think you can handle both of us, why not?" he laughed, "It could be fun."

"I told you she was insatiable," Aryon snickered, turning to Baladas in a whisper.

"I heard that, Aryon.  But… it's probably true," Beyte sighed, looking quite pleased with the arrangement, "Come on!"  The trio nearly ran down the hall.  Beyte took out a key and unlocked another golden door.  The room was lit by bright candlelight.  Inside were pillows of various shapes and sizes thrown about the room, and a few books scattered about.  It had a leisurely look to it.  Baladas smiled, picking up one of the texts, Vivec and Mephala.  He flipped it open, glancing down to see Beyte bent low to blow out some of the candles.  She looked quite vulnerable in that position, her full hips arched gracefully leading down to a slender waist.  He smiled.  The room was soon much dimmer with a soft flickering glow to it.  Baladas set the book down carefully.

No sooner had he done so than Beyte reached up, lacing her fingers through his hair as she brought her lips to his.  He sighed, enjoying the supple texture of her body pressed intently against his hard chest.  He reached his hands around to her hips, pulling her closer as he felt her tongue press lovingly into his mouth.  A soft moan escaped her lips and he soon found himself lost in her embrace.

Aryon was quickly behind her, reaching around in front to unbutton her blouse.  She shifted her weight slightly to adjust to his motions, allowing him to peel the shirt from her body as she found his hands on her spine, manipulating the flesh gently as she moaned and arched her back.  Aryon bent down, kissing her neck softly as she set about to untying Baladas' robe.  He let it fall open, enjoying the feel of her fingertips running along the smooth muscles of his chest and abdomen.

She broke the kiss, leaning back slightly and shooting Aryon a sly grin.  In one quick motion, she reached down and pulled off her tight pants, wiggling slightly as she stepped out of them.  She grinned, arching her back and pressing her hips towards Aryon lustfully before returning her attention to Baladas.  Aryon laughed softly, turning her head and kissing her gently as he ran his hands around front to her breasts while Baladas slid his fingers down between her thighs.  She was already wet, and her flesh yielded readily to their every touch as her moans became more urgent and she ground her hips greedily against Baladas' palm.

Aryon broke away, kissing her neck, her shoulders, her arms, and moving down her back slowly.  He knelt, softly kissing her hips as he reached between her thighs to pull her legs further apart.  Baladas removed his wet fingers, causing her to press against him as he took her mouth in his and brought his hands up to caress her breasts and flanks, pinching and teasing her nipples gently as he felt her squirm under his calm touch.  Aryon reached down, bringing his head up and between her legs.  His tongue darted inside of her and she squealed, fighting the urge to move as he licked her tenderly, alternating between slow and rapid strokes as her juices flowed down over his lips.  She gasped, and her body began to tremble.

Baladas held her tight in his arms, and she fell against him, kissing and caressing his neck and chest as she moved her hands down his smooth body until she finally wrapped her hands around his cock, reaching one hand between his legs gently as she began to stroke him, slowly at first, but building up speed until he gasped with pleasure.  She moved her lips down his body, teasing him gently as her tongue darted out of her mouth, licking wet circles around his tip.  Bringing her lips around him slowly, her tongue lapped him all over as she began to suck gently, causing him to moan as he ran his hands through her hair and pressed his hips towards her eager lips.  She grinned, pulling away and kissing him softly, letting him feel her hot breath so near to the source of his heat.  Her own body trembled as her passions built.  She took him into her mouth, moaning audibly as she began to lick and suckle at him greedily.  Suddenly she cried out, breaking away and clutching onto Baladas' chest as her body erupted into spasms.

"Oh, Aryon, please!" she breathed, trembling uncontrollably, "I need you inside of me… now!"  Aryon laughed, standing quickly as he wiped the fluid from his lips and stripped his robes from his smooth muscled chest.

"Exactly what I had in mind, my dear Beyte," he replied with a grin.  He grabbed her hips roughly, thrusting inside of her with ease.  She moaned, crying out as she returned to sucking Baladas, taking him deep into her throat as her cries vibrated against him.  He closed his eyes, afraid he would not be able to last.  Aryon reached down, grabbing Beyte's hands and pinning them behind her back so she was forced to suck with only her mouth.  She continued ravenously.

"By Mephala… you… weren't exaggerating," Baladas remarked between breaths, running his hands through her white hair and unclipping the tie which held it back.  Aryon laughed, his black hair falling softly across his face as he shot Baladas a smug look.  He brought her hips up so that she arched her back, her cries growing increasingly desperate.  Baladas closed his eyes, afraid to give into the pleasure so easily.  He could feel her own passions building as she sucked at him hungrily until finally a wave of tremors overtook her and she nearly collapsed.  A familiar heat washed over his body and he threw his head back, releasing into her waiting lips.  He felt his heart would nearly stop.  She drank him greedily, licking him lustily and causing him to squirm under her even as she moaned her own pleasure.

Aryon picked her up, turning her and dropping her back gently against the pillows as he lowered himself down on top of her, determined to have his way with her.  Baladas knelt beside her, still hard, as he kissed her soft lips eagerly and lightly stroked her smooth skin.  He could taste himself on her tongue a bit, but he didn't mind.  She was beautiful, lost in this sea of passion.  She moaned against him and he moved to let her catch her breath, bringing his hands down to tease and pinch her erect nipples.  He bent down suddenly, taking one and then the other into his mouth as she cried out and pressed her breasts against his lips.  He smiled, admiring her enthusiasm.  He sat up, stroking her gently as he watched her run her hands lovingly over Aryon's smooth body, reaching up to play with his dark hair as she gazed into his red eyes.  It was clear that they were more than familiar with one another.  She smiled, reaching one hand over to Baladas and running her fingers through his curls as she brought his face down tenderly for a kiss.  She moaned, writhing under the intensity of Aryon's thrusts.  Aryon paused, slowing down his motions with a grin.

"Seeing those luscious lips of yours in action has made me hungry for them myself," Aryon told her breathlessly.  Beyte laughed.

"Just so long as one or the other of you is inside me," she replied with a smirk.

"Oh come now… who are you kidding?  I know perfectly well you want Baladas' Dwemer tube inside of you," Aryon laughed.  Baladas looked at him skeptically.

"I can't imagine how that would possibly be comfortable," he explained, "I mean, the function of a Dwemer tube is actually to conduct steam and oil, and the residues left could possibly result in infection.  Perhaps with a proper disinfectant solution and a rounded cap on the end of the tube to keep the contents from contaminating you, this fantasy might be possible.  But unfortunately I was unprepared for such a request.  I did not even bring such a tube with me, of the proper size that is, although it is possible that Fyr may have some about the tower elsewhere."  Aryon laughed hysterically, nearly falling over.  Beyte giggled, reaching up to kiss Baladas tenderly.

"I think I may love you, Baladas," Aryon replied with a smirk.

"In retrospect, I do not think you meant that request literally," Baladas replied, glaring at Aryon, who was still laughing.

"Oh no!  I most certainly did!  And I love you more than Aryon does!  But right now, I'll settle for your, um, organic equipment," Beyte winked, kissing him tenderly as she reached her hand between his legs, "Mmmm, and I don't think I shall be disappointed either."

Baladas pulled away, allowing Aryon to resituate himself against the pillows, lounging leisurely as Beyte rolled over and crawled towards him, taking him into her mouth with the same abandon she had shown earlier towards Baladas.  Aryon sighed with pleasure, closing his eyes and moving his hands through her white hair. From Baladas' angle, he could see her hips squirm and writhe as she pulsed her lips against Aryon's cock hungrily. She held her legs tightly together, with moist rivulets streaming down between. As Baladas approached, she widened her stance in anticipation and reached her hand down to spread her lips, beckoning for him to fill her.

"Mmm… It seems you've gotten your wish and made our studious red-haired guest forget all about his beloved books.  So what do you think, Baladas?  Is exploring Beyte half as much fun as exploring the ruins of Nchuleft?" Aryon asked with a grin.  Baladas slid into her waiting body effortlessly, causing her to cry out in ecstasy.

"Hmm… well, I think the matter warrants further research.  I wouldn't want to draw any conclusions based on hasty analysis," Baladas replied.  Beyte growled.  Baladas laughed, leaning down and biting her neck playfully.  He ran his nails down her spine, sitting up and reaching around her hips to play with her clit.  She moaned, arching her hips wildly and causing Aryon to gasp with delight as she writhed against his body.

"It seems I've discovered some sort of hidden switch," Baladas remarked jokingly.  Aryon laughed.

"Ah yes.  I've found that it collapses the passage to the lower levels," he replied as Beyte's cries became louder.

"Collapses? If you are going for innuendo, it makes more sense if you say ope… aaah!" Baladas gasped as he felt Beyte start squeezing him tighter and tighter, pulsing with his thrusts.  He reached forward to her breasts, grabbing them to support her weight as she rocked back and forth between the two mages. As his fingers found her nipples he ran a shock across them. She jumped, but refused to release her hold at either end.

"Hmm, you should modify one of your animuculi to do that," Aryon suggested, "I bet they'd be a lot more effective with a few shock spells than they would be just running around smashing stuff.  And you could probably work in shock with a simple mechanical device rather than a magical one, for the sake of simplicity."

"Actually I've been working on such a design," Baladas replied, "I can show you the schematics later."

"Oh, that would be awesome!" Aryon replied, "But I think this little automaton here could take a little bit more juice.  Mmm, I've found that the better she feels, the better we'll feel as well." Aryon held her face gently between his palms, guiding her mouth over him more rapidly as her moans grew sharper and shriller. The two mer felt her suddenly break her rhythm for an instant, then erupt into violent tremors as she came. The intensity of the motion caused both Baladas and Aryon to release into her as her rapid motion and forceful pressure brought them over the edge.  She greedily lapped up Aryon as she continued to thrust back onto Baladas, slower and slower, until he finally withdrew and laid back on a pillow adjacent Aryon.

"The flesh is even better than the fantasy," Betye said slowly, catching her breath as she crawled between them, "That's not always the case with me. If only I could save this night to have over and over again… I'd never do anything else!" She reached out to take one of them in each hand, stroking gently with a coy smile.

"I can't imagine how my studies are going to suffer because of you," Baladas mock-grumbled, "But Divayth said that I should take a hobby."  Aryon laughed.

"This is one hobby that takes you instead!  With her eyes on you, maybe I'll finally be able to get some chores done!" he replied.  Beyte stuck out her tongue, which cut off his chuckling.  He licked his lips before continuing, "… only, of course, to justify my continued position here at Tel Fyr and the associated benefits."

"Only one position you can fill? But we have multiple openings…" Beyte said innocently. She could feel them both throb at her words. "I suppose we'll just have to keep ourselves open and see who fits best."  At this, Baladas sat up in surprise, but Beyte moved her hands to his shoulders, pinning him down on the pillow.  She raised a leg over to straddle him, reached back, and guided him inside her.

"I'm sorry Aryon, but this position has already been filled," she giggled, raising and lowering herself slowly.  Baladas started to pump slowly in rhythm to her movements.  She squeezed tighter as his thrusts deepened, and Aryon could see what she was denying him by the look on Baladas' face.  He rose to his feet in mock indignance, and took a few steps behind her.

"I understand perfectly, sera, and would not deign to displace that which is obviously so fitted to the task," he replied with a mocking grin.  Beyte ignored him,  grinding her hips into Baladas, increasingly lost in the heat of passion.

"However," he continued, lowering himself behind her, "you did say there were multiple openings to be filled…"

Beyte froze in mid-descent as she felt the head of Aryon's cock pressing against her backside.  Her body had been more than generous in providing lubricant, and she could feel how slick he was against her.  She half-turned her head and her mouth opened into a small 'o' as she felt the tip start to slide inside her.  He pressed slowly but determinedly, allowing her body to relax and open wider before each advance.  Once he was halfway in he could feel her pressing back against him, wanting as much as he did for him to fill her entirely.  Her pace started to quicken slightly as her shock turned to hunger; suddenly, she let out a howl as both mer took her up to the hilt.  She screamed in the low tones of a woman possessed as Baladas and Aryon continued to penetrate her simultaneously, sometimes thrusting together, sometimes out-of-sync, but never ceasing.  Her body racked and arched with the intensity, with Baladas cupping her breasts to support her weight as Aryon grabbed her hips to thrust deeper inside of her.  They became a savage trio locked in heat, thrusting, scratching and biting until finally Beyte's screams and tightening grip of orgasm once again released the two mer's seed deep inside of her.

Aryon bent down and bit her neck softly, allowing her to rest over Baladas as he slowly withdrew from her body.  He stood, turning quickly as he ran out of the room.

"Where in Oblivion is he going?" Baladas asked sleepily, allowing Beyte to slide off to his side and snuggle close into his arms.

"Who knows?" Beyte answered dreamily, kissing him softly on the lips.  Baladas ran his fingertips over her skin, causing her to shiver with delight.

"Are you satisfied?" he asked softly.  She giggled, snuggling closer into his arms.

"Oh, for the time being, I am quite content.  You two were divine," she mused.  Baladas laughed softly, kissing her forehead tenderly.

"I enjoyed that electrical thing you did… I never imagined shock could feel so good!" she giggled, "I always assumed it always hurt."

"Well, it was a pretty minor spell… I wasn't trying to injure you or anything," Baladas replied, "You just surprised me a little.  Not that it was a bad surprise."

"Mmm, no, it felt good," she giggled, snuggling closer.

"Well I'm glad," he whispered, "We should probably get some sleep now before your father… er, husband?... um, clone?... um… hmm…"  Baladas looked slightly embarrassed, biting his lip in confusion.  Beyte giggled, kissing him softly.

"Don't worry about it.  It's just the titles that get confusing.  It's always kind of embarrassing actually, when you really think about it… so we just try not to," Beyte explained, resting her head against his arm.  Baladas laughed softly, running his fingers through her white hair.  Just then Aryon returned, dripping wet with fresh water and carrying Beyte's comberry pie triumphantly.

"Alright, the pie is cool!" he announced, sitting next to them and shaking out his wet hair, "And there is nothing like cool dessert after hot sex!"

"What… did you go jump in Zafirbel Bay or something?" Baladas asked crossly, squirming slightly as drops from Aryon's hair splashed onto his skin.  Aryon looked up at him and smiled.

"Of course!  You should too – it's quite refreshing," he replied.  Beyte giggled as Aryon began serving up the pie.

"One time when I was going down on Aryon he drank a water breathing potion before he came… then demanded that we go swimming immediately afterwards to figure out if I could breathe water even though he was the only one who ingested it," Beyte giggled.  Aryon smiled, chuckling softly as he handed them both a plate.

"Well?  Did it work?" asked Baladas curiously.  Aryon laughed.

"Not as well as I'd hoped, but yes, essentially," he snickered, "It was still more effective on me than it was on her, which unfortunately meant I had to give her another potion of her own before we could continue our activities underwater.  Lack of gravity and all… so I guess it was worth wasting a second potion on, even though it meant I had to go make more afterwards."

"Well what did you expect?" Beyte asked crossly, "It was a silly experiment.  Fun, but still ridiculous."

"No it wasn't!  I mean, it worked!  Sort of…" Aryon replied defensively.  Baladas laughed.

"I don't think I would have thought to try that one myself," he chuckled, "So good job for thinking up a testable solution to a problem I didn't even know existed."

"Why thank you!" Aryon replied with a triumphant smirk, taking a bite of pie as he settled back into the pillows.  Beyte sat up, kissing Aryon and Baladas both quickly before settling between the two exhausted but contented mer.  The night passed quickly, and before long they all fell asleep in each other's arms.
This was spawned after Kel and I spent many theoretical and highly intellectual discussions debating the sheer epicness of having both Baladas and Aryon at the same time. *snickers* :giggle:

The story takes place well in the past (obviously), just prior to the Empire invading Morrowind, since Aryon is still Fyr's apprentice and Baladas isn't even on the council yet.

Aren't they cute little nerdlings? *giggles* :flirty:
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They are ADORABLE little nerdlings! :la: :XD: Ah, to live in Morrowind, spending days researching and nights sharing comberry pie in bed...
MistressArachnia Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011
I'm glad you like them! :w00t: And I totally agree... wouldn't that be the life? *sigh* If only I had a mushroom tower of my very own... *glares at shitake mushroom colony, which is not yet growing at a suitable rate for habitation* :plotting:
Quillweave Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011
If only, if only. :XD: We must get together some time and stay up all night chatting about such fantasies.
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I have YIM, which allows me to talk to people with MSN. My account info should be on my main dA page and/or on my forum account page. :D
Quillweave Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011
SQUEE! No, I don't mind, can you tell? :XD: *scampers off to add you*
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